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Sometimes it’s really simple …

Posted by Sheryl Gervais

A month or so ago, I participated in a 21-day meditation challenge presented by Oprah and Deepak Chopra.  I’m practicing the meditations still, choosing one at random daily.  It’s remarkable how I seem to get what I need each day!  Today, Day 9, “Creating Balance” had this centering though:

“my outer world reflects my inner world.”

Getting a little silly this afternoon, I wondered,  does that mean that if I’m in a chaotic mental or spiritual place, that my apartment will be messier?  OR if my apartment is messy then I’m not likely to find harmonious bliss?

Is this just the same way of saying, clean your apartment, clear your clutter and your mind will be good.  OR  clear your mind and find peace and your mental peace and clarity will find its way into your day to day routine and your outer world will begin to mirror that because you’ll be doing the stuff you need to do to maintain that clear and uncluttered mind in an environment that provides serenity,  joy and peace?

I started thinking a little more and remembered this:

“Before enlightenment, chop wood and carry water.  After enlightenment, chop wood and carry water.”  (Buddha)

Then I remembered this:

“Do the dishes and sweep the floor.”

(My Mom)

Let me back up a second.

I have been furiously,  in a very happy way, working on a project and early this afternoon,  hit a bit of a stall, a wall.  I brainstormed.  I sang.  I smelled the fresh flowers I got yesterday.   I played Bejewelled Blitz.   I walked it out.  I visited some cool things in my neighbourhood.  I came back to the project.  Wall still planted firmly.  So I started doing a few chores – not on purpose, it just happened.  Making a bit of supper, I mindlessly  filled the sink with soapy water.  I enjoyed a lovely meal while listening to Van Morrison (Astral Weeks).

Meal done,  I did the rest of my dishes. Unconsciously, no pressure on my thinking, enjoying the bubbles.

Then I swept the floor.  I mean, I really swept the floor.  I squatted with a little whisk broom and got close the dust, the crumbs and forgotten tea drip in front of the stove.  A remarkable thing happened.  The wall came down.  It crumbled into my little red dust pan as I dumped it into the garbage can under the sink.  Just. Like.  That.

swee dishes 1

Clutter cleared without any effort or force.  My wall collapsed and the big thing I wanted to do today is done.   And it’s still daylight.  So Deepak, Buddha and my Mom are all correct!

With profound  gratitude and appreciation (and with a tidy kitchen), I’m going for another walk!

PS … what gets you past the wall?

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“Sometimes it’s really simple …”

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