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Try to be Home by Morning

“You wander landscapes in your dreams. How did you get there? Close your eyes, and surrender.”

~ Rumi

A major theme song in my life has been River Road, by Sylvia Tyson, in which she sings about running away down River Road. Have you ever felt like going where no one will find you – at least for a little while, to recharge, refuel, wander aimlessly or just sit and stare?

When my kids were preteens, I was working full time and taking full course load at the University of Victoria. Driving back home to Sidney one afternoon, I deliberately missed the turn off to my house and carried on to a little coffee shoppe by the seaside walkway. (Pelicano’s was the café – I wonder if it’s still as wonderful?) It was a gloomy, rainy Vancouver Island winter day, and all I wanted was to hide. I remember ordering my tea and muffin and sitting by the window, watching the crazy wind blow the bushes around, the rain slapping at the window. I felt surprisingly warm. No one knew where I was. I felt instantly relaxed. No one was asking anything of me. All the responsibilities that I had were still where I left them. But at that moment, I was anywhere I wanted to be.

I was thinking about this last summer while visiting my Mom in Ontario. One of the things we both look forward to is watching old episodes of The Waltons. One that we watched last summer was an early one from Season 1 called “The Minstrel.” In this episode, Mary Ellen meets a wandering troubadour, thinks his way of life is very attractive and runs away with him to explore the world in search big adventures. Of course, her parents (and siblings) are not fans of this idea because there are apples to be harvested.   I love the scene with Mary Ellen lying on the wood floor, on her back, staring up at the ceiling. Her mother asks what she’s doing. Mary Ellen declares as if it’s the most natural thing for her to be doing, “I’m a gypsy living in Bulgaria.” Her mother doesn’t shut it down at all. She states simply, “well, try to be home by morning.” What a great response.

Like Max in Where the Wild Things Are. He gets home in time for supper.

My mini escape to Pelicano’s worked, and I was ready to see my family and carry on with whatever was waiting for me – laundry, hugs, homework, dishes, I don’t even remember the what. I do remember that I was a happier me, having allowed the introvert in me to have that replenishing mini escape.

Is running away down River Road a necessary part of our well-being? Where do we go in our dreams? What if we explored that bit of our hearts that was wild and free?

Have you ever run away to Bulgaria, or down River Road with a little cloth bag on a stick? Or gone to where the wild things are? Did you get home in time for supper?


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