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Home Is in the Heart

Have you ever had those moments where you just all of a sudden feel overwhelmed with love and joy that you just say to whomever is with you that right here, right now, you are completely and totally in a happy place?

Apparently, that’s what you’re supposed to feel like when you have a great sense of belonging to your community, your friends, your family, and a combination of all.

Our natural state is that feeling. That is what we aspire to.

When we have that sense of belonging we are blissful.

Sometimes that feeling is fleeting and elusive and instead what we’ve got is a loss and a sense of mistrust. When there are so many dark stories and issues that block, we have sense that something is just not quite right.

We can feel discombobulated and disconnected from what grounds us.

It’s hard to be centred when there is mistrust and fear.

One might call it a sense of at homeness. When that quality of belonging is so strong and all feels right. The moment when our self-story has mellowed and right here, right now is a strong sense of belonging and trust.

When our self-narrative tells us otherwise we feel separate and mistrust and something feels off. Wrong.

Our self-dialogue is, of course, off grid and taking place in our subconscious, but there are ways to get in and take care of ourselves.

First a question.

Why is it that the self narrative that tells us that we don’t belong, that we should fear and mistrust so much more present than the one that shares our true essence of love and belonging?

I don’t know. Part of it is our social expectations and our conditioning.

Now a strategy.

Close your eyes. Take a deep breath and do a belonging scan in your body. Pay attention to your loving heart. Soften your eyes, your mouth. Feel a little smile form in the corners of your eyes, lifting. Same with your mouth. Feel your shoulders relax. Go to a moment where you felt a complete and true sense of warmth and loving belonging of completeness. It might be as a child, as an adult. When you held someone dear in a hug a little longer than you expected. When your child came leaping across the room, landing on your couch and framed your face in her little hands and said, you’re my mommy and I love you. When you happened to see a spectacular super moon and felt all its energy flow through you. Whatever it is.

Pay attention to how your body feels in that moment.

How your breath might slow down and how light you feel.

Take a moment to stay in that place for a few moments before you open your eyes.

Trust that you can achieve that feeling anytime you need it.

The more you go there, the greater your sense of trust and belonging will grow and bloom.

It’s not always easy in the busyness of our lives to make/take the time.

I’d love to hear how you manage to keep yourself centred and grounded “at home.”

Sheryl xo

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