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So Tell Me What You Want…

So tell me what you want, what you really really want.  I’ll tell you what I want, what I really, really want. – Spice Girls

Happy 1st of September.  And New Moon.  And partial solar eclipse.  Whoa!

What a way to herald in a new month and the beginning of the end of summer.  A new month, a new season, back to school, close up the cottage, put away the boat, think about the sweaters we put away last spring  – all good reasons and perfect time to look at what’s going on for us.  Not just in our outside world of work, play and family, but in our deepest hearts.

New moons are generally a good time to reflect on what is working for us in our lives and what we can let go of.  Creating a ritual to say good bye, so long, farewell, to that which is not in our best interests and embracing what will make us happier.

Oh, but what if we don’t know what we “really, really want?”  Sometimes it’s easier to look at what we don’t want and in the process of clearing the unwanted, the brambles, the weeds, the dead leaves, we find the fertile ground for growing our most brilliant stuff.

It’s easy to say, well, I want to be happy.  Of course.  What does that look like?  Or I don’t want drama at work.  What will that look like?  What action, behaviour, thinking, do I need to change or introduce to make sure that happens (or doesn’t happen)?

I invite you to take some time in the early part of September to go deep and honestly reflect on what you want, and don’t want, and to make some decisions that will serve your best self.  Set a goal, a vision, a path for the rest of the year.  Enlist help from your best people and set off!

And, if you need help getting started, I made this for you.  Get your crayons out and get messy!

Big love and gratitude,

Sheryl xo

PS If clearing your closet is part of your ritual, I invite you to read this. Stasia Savasuk has created a brilliant program for celebrating our honest sense of style.

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