sheryl bee

practicing wholehearted, soulful living

Home Is in the Heart

Have you ever had those moments where you just all of a sudden feel overwhelmed with love and joy that you just say to whomever is with you that right here, right now, you are completely and totally in a happy place? Apparently, that’s what you’re supposed to feel like when you have a great sense of belonging to your community, your friends, your family, and a combination of all.

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Loving Kindness: A Mindful Practice

Let’s talk about love.  You are love.  That’s the end of the story.  Looking for love in all the wrong places, you’ve heard that before, I’m sure. It has a strong ring of truth because it’s true:  love isn’t “out there” so looking anywhere but within, is the wrong place.  Love is within us and (ready?):  Not just within us, it is us! How is it possible?  When there is

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A 6-Point Plan to Get you There (AKA The Re-Jig Plan)

When there is so much noise and you’re not sure where you’re going or how you’ll get there, or if you find yourself off-track, a roadmap (of sorts): 1. Keep your vibration as high as you can. Meditate, sing, walk, listen to what brings you joy. Laugh. What are your obsessions that give you guilt-free joy? Do that. Hang out with your favourite people. Write a letter. Phone an old

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It’s Time to Break up with “If Only”

Now, if we only had a wheelbarrow, that would be something. One of my favourite scenes from one of my favourite movies, The Princess Bride.  Westley, Fezzik and Inigo Montoya are listing their assets before they storm the castle to rescue Buttercup.  (Oh who am I kidding, the whole movie is my favourite scene!)  Now, in this case,  if only worked out in their favour because they did in fact have

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A Soft Place to Land

Sometimes there’s nasty stuff going on around the world.   Sometimes work is so overwhelming and the clutter threatens to overtake every bit of space in the apartment. Sometimes I mess up and say or do something that hurts myself or someone else. Or sometimes I feel hurt by what others have said/not said, done/not done. Sometimes I just feel helpless. I’m human that way. When these feelings creep up, and

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