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A moment in the classroom

Searching through the list of war dead at Archives Canada’s website has sent me deep into a dark place. I shouldn’t be surprised because every time I teach about war in my Social Studies class, my heart constricts, my tear ducts work overtime to suppress the torrent that might be released, but oh not in front of my class today please. Sharing these feelings with my students in an honest

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Old Fart Show and Concert – Brilliant!

I’ve decided I want to spend my senior years as an old fart (and I use the term old fart with the utmost respect and reverence).  I will hang out with my old fart friends (and some not so old) doing what we love to do.  Whatever that is, I’m not sure.  Maybe what gives us joy now, we’ll just continue to do it and not worry about what others

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Food Factory? For me? No Thanks.

Sad tummy woes moved in on Saturday night so I thought I’d browse Netflix and see what could possibly distract me.  I settled with my echinacea tea and my blanket and clicked ‘play’ for Food Inc. Perhaps a silly choice, given I was not feeling very well.  Or was it? Food Inc is a graphic exposé of the food industry.  And, INDUSTRY, it is.  The documentary, begins with a look at corn.  Not your

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Is romantic love real?

Drag our Leaf Icon above to your taskbar to bookmark TGAM in Internet Explorer 9. Show me how Please don’t show me this again Remind me later It’s Valentine’s Day and the CBC Calgary announcer just claimed that Alberta has the highest divorce rate in Canada.  Post-Valentine topic for the morning program, he said.  Interesting. Perhaps Rosemary Sullivan, author of Labyrinth of Desire , can shed some light.  She suggests that new

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Unplug and say hi!

I’ve recently moved to an inner-city neighbourhood close enough to my school that I can walk in 20 minutes or so. Being surrounded by an eclectic collection of older homes and newer condos, boarded up corner stores, old fences and creaky gates, I enjoy the illusion of small town Canada.  Small towns appeal to me, in particular the friendly, folksy atmosphere.    It is here the illusion breaks down. It is in my nature to say goodmorning to everyone I pass on

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