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Letting the stick scratch my skin

Posted by Sheryl Gervais I was walking to school a few days ago and saw this wee blond lad, maybe three years old,  in little red pea coat (double-breasted, of course and, oh gosh, I think he was wearing short pants too – total cuteness) meandering a ways behind his mom, mindlessly dragging his little hand on the still leafless, dry  hedge planted along the sidewalk.  His mom stopped,  turned

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How to Receive in Three Easy Steps

Oh my gosh I can’t get anything done because I don’t know where to start! The voices in my head are so chaotic and loud, I have no idea what they’re saying! What the heck am I supposed to do?  How can I get clarity when the reception is fuzzy?  The rabbit ears are held together with aluminum foil and tape and the signal is wonky. What the *%$# is

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Is romantic love real?

Drag our Leaf Icon above to your taskbar to bookmark TGAM in Internet Explorer 9. Show me how Please don’t show me this again Remind me later It’s Valentine’s Day and the CBC Calgary announcer just claimed that Alberta has the highest divorce rate in Canada.  Post-Valentine topic for the morning program, he said.  Interesting. Perhaps Rosemary Sullivan, author of Labyrinth of Desire , can shed some light.  She suggests that new

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