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14 Ways to Make ’14 Brilliant

So many resolutions, so little time! When I was ten years old (or so), one of my siblings asked, “What’s a revolution?”  I answered quickly, “A New Year’s Revolution!”  There was much guffawing and the exchange has lived on in my family for a few decades.  Of course, I was not quite right, but in the spirit of that innocent remark, I give you my (not too)  revolutionary list to

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Bye Bye 2013, with gratitude and love xo

In the spirit of saying goodbye and thanks to 2013 and in preparation for 2014, I give you, the first annual Honey Drip Awards of Sweetness. Criteria:  Really extra-ordinarily simple Direct experience – I had to be involved somehow Indirect experience – I had to feel something about it Random input – I feel like including it because it deserves to be mentioned. Points/Rating System*:  Again, I like to keep

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